Concussion Nutrition

We’ve taken the guesswork out of concussion nutrition to support your concussion recovery!


Whether your concussion injury is recent or in the past, you’ve come to the right place!  We understand post concussion syndrome (PCS) and know what you are going through. It can be overwhelming to experience a myriad of confusing and often debilitating symptoms that occur after a brain injury.

You may suffer from headaches, blood sugar swings, anxiety, depression, fatigue, poor sleep, problems with circulation and oxygenation, as well as symptoms of neurotransmitter imbalance, dizziness and more!

It is often difficult to navigate a return to your prior state of well being without the help of a professional. Let our Concussion Nutrition & Recovery Programs be your guide to optimized nutrition and support the function, repair and recovery of both brain and body.



What Impact Will Optimized Nutrition Make?

Did you know that…


  • Essential nutrients for Brain health.
    Essential nutrients for Brain health including vitamin C, vitamin B, folic acid.

    There is one key macro-nutrient that is critical to brain health and when missing from your diet can prolong concussion recovery and post concussion symptoms (PCS) by weeks, months and even years?

  • There are common every day foods that have a kryptonite effect to your brain cells?
  • Up to 90% of serotonin is produced in your gut and that digestive health?
  • The good bacteria affecting neurotransmitter health is determined by which foods you eat, and those you don’t?
  • A brain recovering from a post concussion injury may need up to 10x the recommended amount of certain macro and critical micro-nutrients, AND an increased amount of food AND increase frequency of meals and snacks?

Missing these concussion recovery opportunities slows the cellular healing process, and the communication, building and repair of neurons.



 What can you start doing today to have a healthier, happier brain?


Let’s face it, a concussed brain is starving for healthy food and the right nutrients.

The brain, just like any other organ or muscle needs calories and adequate fuel to repair post-concussion and function optimally.

YOUR brain and every cell in your body will benefit from an optimal diet with adequate macro nutrients (protein, carbohydrate, fats), micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals) and plenty of hydration.

Don’t leave your nutrition to chance.  Our programs provide a solid plan to help give your brain the BEST CHANCE for RECOVERY from CONCUSSION.



Athletes Rely on Performance Based Nutrition for Quick Recovery


Without a custom nutrition plan, performance goals would suffer. Recovery from grueling training sessions would be slow and difficult. This is why professional athletes and weekend warriors enlist professionals –  nutrition and sports coaches.  They follow a strategic plan for the best possible outcome.  Recovery from a brain injury is no less than an athletic endeavor!  It requires the right information and know how to implement.



Your personal nutrition and concussion
recovery experts


Elissa Michaud, Nutritionist, Health Coach
Jenna Howe, Concussion Recovery Specialist, Osteopath
Jenna Howe, Osteopathic Manual Therapist, Concussion Health Certified


With the same precision and approach given to professional athletes, Elissa Michaud and Jenna Howe have developed an easy-to-follow plan tailored to your post concussion recovery.

We’ve simplified the process for you.  The Concussion Nutrition & Recovery Programs take the guesswork out. Our programs are based on the latest science and research to help you achieve the best results.




Would you like to be able to…?


Help WIth Grocery Shopping
Elderly woman with young woman at the grocery store
  • SHOP for the right foods and SAVE TIME
  • Prepare SIMPLE and AFFORDABLE meals
  • IMPLEMENT a MENU STRATEGY that you and everyone in your family will LOVE.
  • Eliminate the HARMFUL FOODS and INGREDIENTS that prolong symptoms and healing
  • Enjoy the IDEAL RECOVERY meals, snacks and nutrients at the RIGHT time
  • MAXIMIZE your body’s natural capacity for RENEWAL and REGENERATION




Here is what’s included in YOUR
Concussion Nutrition & Recovery Starter (Bronze) Program !


Consultation with Elissa
Consultation with Elissa


  • 32 Page Beautifully Designed Recipe Pack with all of the recipes you’ll need for for a diverse and nutritionally complete meal plan.
  • 50+ Page Workbook that guides you through the simple steps of shopping, kitchen set up, prep, and activities that set you up for CONCUSSION RECOVERY SUCCESS. It supports mental and physical action and the right environment. Tips and tricks to make implementation easy!
  • Easy, Organized Shopping LIST and check list.
  • BONUS Hand outs on water and hydration, nutrition / nutrients for healing as well as recovery, personal planning and assessment tools.





Plus, we’ve included


  • Jenna’s favorite delicious smoothie recipes
  • Healthy juice recipes that boost hydration, electrolytes and nutrients


A supplementary book with the following bonuses

    • The how and why of concussion nutrition
    • Tips and tools that are PROVEN to work.
    • A comprehensive guide to hydration and water
    • Quick and easy cheat sheet to food and nutrients

To hire a nutritionist and coach team to prepare a plan like this just for you would cost $375.



Silver and Gold Supreme Packages with group and one on one support also available.