Elissa Michaud is a Nutritionist and Coach

Elissa Michaud


She tailors her work to condition specific nutrition.  Her special focus and interest is to support clients who have Post Concussion related illness, Chronic Fatigue, Dysautonomias and Mystery (not yet diagnosed) Illness.

She offers a body-mind, holistic approach and helps clients work towards their health goals and recovery; to maximize life energy and optimize peak performance. Elissa incorporates tools from a diverse background of publishing, nutrition, yoga, breathwork, massage therapy, meditation and bioenergetic healing.

Jenna Howe B.A. Psych., Osteopathic Manual Therapist

Jenna Howe
Jenna Howe


Jenna has been working with concussed clientele since early 2003 and has worked with countless people from all walks of life helping them recover from Post Concussion Syndrome, Concussion Symptoms, Chronic Pain and Injuries. 

Jenna provides a compassionate, holistic and individualized approach to clinical practice utilizing a wide range of therapeutic modalities to help her patients with their concussion recovery and to get back in the game of life, work, and sport.

Jenna is currently in private practice in Victoria, BC, offering Osteopathy for post concussion, chronic pain, injuries, wellness and postural re education. 


Jenna and Elissa’s collaboration has been in the works for many years.

Elissa and Jenna met in 2013 when Elissa was searching for help to resolve long-standing concussion symptoms as a result of several decades old injuries. She discovered Jenna’s skilled and intuitive approach to concussion recovery to be subtle, yet effective. During that same year, Elissa began her nutrition studies and quickly realized that nutrition was a powerful complement to manual therapy; and a crucial and often overlooked component of concussion recovery. At the same time, Jenna was noticing time and time again that nutrition was also a neglected component of her clients care plans. It wasn’t long before Elissa and Jenna knew that their combined skills were synergistic and they began working together to deliver an affordable, easy to implement, science- driven nutrition plans for those recovering from PCS.